Everything Here Reminds Me of You

"Everything here reminds me of you" EP by Peter Dixon. Released April 12 2014. After releasing "Like The Sun" EP I decided to make this release more acoustic. I wanted to focus more on my songwriting, strip it back and make it as catchy as possible. I focused more on my vocals, in particular making sure that they conveyed my character as a songwriter.

The EP starts off with a track called "I'm sorry" which mainly speaks of missing family members or loved ones that I don't see much of anymore, or who have become distant. It's about not giving up on people, and still being able to love them regardless of the time or distance between you. 

The second track, "Christmas in New York", came into my head one day at work. In this song, I reflect on the relationships going on around me, and how they are often broken by divorce or seperation. I don't really want to commit to something unless I know it's the right thing for me. "I won't set sail until I know my destination, with the one who'll be my rudder, and the wind in my sails."

I wrote "Twenty Three" when I was twenty three years old. I wrote it sitting in the living room of my friend's house. I was wondering if I should give up on my dream of playing music. Should I settle in to the reality that is being dictated to me by my circumstances, or should I keep hope and keep pushing forward.

I wrote the title track, "Everything Here Reminds Me of You", while sitting on the sofa after a long day at work. The song is about the type of people you meet in life that you can't forget, that person you meet and no matter how hard you try, they keep popping back into your mind. Everyone has those people in their life. It's about not being scared. It's about not letting your immediate circumstances rob you of promises or relationships. it's about the trials you hit in life, just before you reach the mountain tops. "Don't be scared, things will get better soon". Hold on.

Track 5 is about the town I call home, "Adelaide". I think it gets a bad rap most of the time for being a slow little country town town, but it's home for me, and I love it.

Heavy Heart" is about the burdens I carry in my heart. I see how things are, things that are broken, things that are unjust. It's about trying to find peace amidst the stress and anxiety that life can bring. 

"Letters from Ontario" is a song I wrote based on a friend who moved to Canada for a sea change and for a girl he met through a mutual friend. The song is about having a new start at life, when maybe your bridges are burnt and the town your in hasn't got anything for you, maybe it's time for a change and a fresh start. It's a nice way to finish the EP on a positive note.


Everything Here Reminds Me of You by Peter Dixon

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